Grooming Prices & Policies
Beautifully Groomed, Safe Environment

Beautifully Groomed, Safe Environment

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We Need Your Pet's Health Records

Because we offer a disease free environment for your pet we collect current shot records on all pets before they are admitted. This is done for your pets safety as well as our employees.
  • If you are booking a grooming appointment be aware that we will need current shot records for your dog that include Parvo, Bordatella and Rabies,Canine and Distemper. First time customers please call 954-755-3647 for an appointent. Other online appointments please schedule three days in advance.
  • If you are grooming a cat your shot records need to include Rabies, Feline Distemper and Feline Leukemia.
Purple Poodle grooming prices are in three categories, bath only, mini-groom, full groom:

Includes cutting nails, cleaning ears, checking anal glands, clip private areas (under tail and in between legs) and bathing the dog.
Everything listed under bath plus trimming the head, feet, feathers (hair on the back of the legs) and trimming tail.
Everything listed under mini-groom plus a full body cut and 20 minutes dematting.

Does Your Dog Require More Dematting?
If your dog requires more dematting than is included we will give you an approximate price while you are dropping the dog off. If it is discovered after you leave we will call you before we proceed. Dematting over 20 minutes is charged at $45.00 per hour on top of the normal grooming charges.


If your bath price is $19.00 your mini-groom price is $31.50 (includes bath).
If your bath price is $25.00  your mini-groom price is $43.75 (includes bath).
If your bath price is $40.00 your mini-groom price is $65.00 (includes bath).
If your bath price is above $40.00 your mini-groom price will be quoted individually.


"Just have to tell you my little Cockapoo got the best and cutest haircut last week at Purple Poodle.  He loves going there cause they are so nice to him, it's like a great outing for him and they treat him so well.  The haircut it perfect. They listen to what you want and they do a super job. They are loving and make it fun for your pet to experience. I've had such bad experience with groomers who nick the poor baby and he ends up with a terrible infection. They really care at Purple Poodle, take their time and are terrific.  No more late night visits to the emergency room for us cause of a groomer cutting my dog and not telling me. Purple Poodle is the only place I will take my little guy and feel confident that he will be treated as well as I would treat him! 

Thank you Dave!!!!!  You guys Rock!!!"

Peggy F. ~ Coral Springs