Why you should have your pet groomed at Purple Poodle
Experienced Gromers Make The Difference

Experienced Gromers Make The Difference

Our Experience

We have been grooming pets in Coral Springs since April 1999.

All our groomers have at least 10 years experience grooming pets.

Our Facilities

We have all state of the art equipment in our facility, the safest available.

All our shampoos and spritzs are all natural and contain no harmful or irritating ingredients that may make your dog uncomfortable.

When you bring a pet to be groomed we discuss how you want it done and all this information is added to your personal data base each time you visit.

We call you as soon as your pet is finished so your pet will spend the shortest amount of time away from home.

We have lots of room and air conditioned runs to keep your pets comfortable while they are here.

After all we love our pets too....

Most employees at Purple Poodle have multiple pets and all have a deep affinity for animals.

Check out our pricing and policies, then schedule your appointments on line, click here to get started!

Your Rewards

On top of all this we offer a Rewards Card that keeps track of how much you spend on boarding, grooming and natural pet food at Purple Poodle and when you get to $200.00 we give you a $10.00 gift card!  That is 5% back on all your purchases!