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When You're Away, Your Pets Safety Is Assured!

Because we offer a disease free environment for your pet we collect current health records on all pets before they are admitted. This is done for your pets safety as well as our employees. 
  • Dogs: If you are booking a boarding appointment be aware that we will need current shot records for your dog that include Parvo, Bordatella and Rabies.Canine and Distemper.
  • Cats: If you are boarding a cat your shot records need to include Rabies, Feline Distemper and Feline Leukemia.
  • Birds: If you are boarding a bird you will need a current Psittacosis test certificate.

Let us gather your pets health records for you!

If you provide us with your vets phone number we will take care of the call for you, but if you have your pets records handy you may fax these records to 954-755-3647 and we will keep them on file. 

Pick-up before NOON!
Purple Poodle charges by the night for pets left in our care. Pick ups after Noon are subject to an $10.00 per pet charge (birds and small animals excluded).

Routine Bathing
Dogs are bathed whenever they get messy while in our care, however you will be charged only once for a bath for how ever long the length of your dogs stay
Cats- $17.50 per night
Food and Liter $2.50 per night
*Note:* There is no charge if you provide your cats litter and food.  We would much rather you provide these items as your cat will be much happier if he/she is using the same litter and food he/she is used to at home.

Birds- $5.00 per night  Cage and food required for boarding.

Small animals- $7.00 per night Cage, bedding and food require.

- $19.50 per night
23-44lbs- $24.00 per night
45-88lbs- $28.00 per night
89-110lbs- $32.00 per night
Over 110lbs- $40.00 per night

The bathing charge for your dog will depend upon his/her weight they are as follows:
1-22lbs-  $20.50
23-44lbs- $27.50
45-88lbs- $35.75
89-110lbs- $44.00
Over 110lbs-Quote

*Note:* This is a one time charge per stay. Instead of a bath you may choose to have your pet groomed while he/she is staying with us. Click here to see our “Grooming Prices “. If a grooming package is selected, the bath charge will not apply.

Charges for food will be:
1-22lbs $2.00
23-44lbs $3.00
45-88lbs $4.00
89-110lbs $5.00
Over 110lbs Quote
*Note:* There is no charge for feeding if you provide your dogs own food.  Your pet will be happier if you do this and won’t have any digestive problems during his/her stay.

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Dog and Cat SuitesDog and Cat Suites

Is Your Pet a VIP? -
-The cat in the photo is on a sundeck in our "cat suite". The suite also featues a catwalk around the top of the room, very popular to our feline clients who wish to be above the rest. The suite is approximately 80 square feet...

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