Why you should board your pet at Purple Poodle
Your Pet is in Good Hands!

Your Pet is in Good Hands!

Only Licensed Pet Boarding Facility In Coral Springs Outside The Veterinary Hospital.

We are the only licensed facility, in the city of Coral Springs that is not a Veterinary Hospital. When we bought our current location (formally VCA Animal Hospital) we went through a series of rigorous inspections and evaluations by the City of Coral Springs Code Department to obtain the right to board pets at this location. 

Disease Free Environment

We take this very seriously, so all pets visiting or staying at Purple Poodle are required to have on record their vaccine records assuring us that they have seen a vet within the last year and that they are up to date on all their immunizations. This assures us that all our pets are disease free and not contagious. Why would you want to bring your pet in close proximity to diseased animals?  You don't and neither do we. Click here to check out our complete Boarding pricing and policies.

State of the Art Facility

We have over 3500 sq ft with four redundant air conditioning systems so even in the event of multiple breakdowns your pets will still remain comfortable.  We are on the same power grid as Coral Springs Medical Center so our power is the first to be restored in the event of a power failure.


We are open 7 days a week and have pick ups available on Sundays.  You can have your pet groomed while it is left with us.

Quick and efficient drop off and pick up.

We offer uncompared service, just let us know and we will gather your pets health records from your vetranarian for you.  Please see our complete Boarding pricing and policy.  You can call OR schedule your appointments and sessions completly online!

Your Rewards
On top of all this we offer a Rewards card that keeps track of how much you spend on boarding, grooming and natural pet food at Purple Poodle and when you get to $200.00 we give you a $10.00 gift card!  They never expire!

That is 5% back on all your purchases!