How to cut your dogs nails so he/she will not get hurt.
Clipping a dogs nails can be a tension filled experience for both the dog and the owner but it doesn’t have to be if you remember a few simple rules:
1) If you are cutting clear nails keep in mind that the dogs quick (nerve) will extend past where it looks like it stops. You will see where the pink ends on the nail. Cut the nail halfway between this point and the end of the nail. You will almost always be right at the end of the quick. You will know this because if you look at the end of the nail you will see a small black dot in the center. That is the end of the quick and you have done a good job!
2) Black nails are a little more difficult. If you look at a black nail you will see where the glossy part and the dull part meet. Take that point and cut halfway between it and the end of the nail. When you get more experience you will be able to tell where to cut by how much the nail curves. Until you get good at black nails try cutting off just a small piece at a time until you see the black dot (the end of the quick) in the center of the nail, then it is time to stop!

The type of nail clipper you use is a matter of preference. I have always used the type that resembles a pair of sissors. Some like the gilloteen type. If you use a dremel tool keep in mind that it will cauterize as it grinds and you will not be able to see the end of the quick when you get there.

Grinding too far can be very painful to the dog.

The best way is to cut with nail clippers until you see the quick and then touch up with a dremel tool.

You should always have close at hand some Quick Stop powder, silver nitrate sticks or quick stop solution just in case you cut too far and the nail bleeds. If you don't have any available press a bar of soap or a styptic pencil on the end of the nail and keep pressure on it until it stops.

Happy nail clipping, Dave

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