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What is a Hot Spot??

Dealing with Hot Spots; It's more simple than you think...

So you turn your head and your pet has a wound. Where did it come from?
Now you have been practicing good grooming, by bathing, brushing and combing your dog routinely, checking for fleas and ticks, making sure you are protecting him with either fllea and tick collars or the latest 2IN1 or 3IN1 treatment, but all of a sudden they have a place on their thigh where they have removed all the fur from chewing and it is red and hot.  That is a hot spot! 

You will be lucky if you caught it at this phase and not after they have already opened the flesh to expose a large self-inflected wound.  However there are simple remedies you can use to quickly bring relief to your pet. Just about any of your pets can get them but they are notorious in dogs.  They happen as a result to an allergic reaction either to food or insect bite.

Flea Dermatitis a common problem
Some dogs with “flea dermatitis”( a condition in which the dog has an allergic reaction to the flea’s saliva) will open a substantial wound in a manner of a few minutes. Couple this with the excessive dirtiness of a dogs mouth and you have a perfect recipe for a very nasty infection. I have used Iodine in situations like this for many years. Having had a dog with “flea dermatitis” I know just how quickly you can go from a clean, docile, compliant dog to a whining, scratching, bloody, and very unhappy pet.

Food allergies could be the culprit
As we discussed in our last post, food allergies can also be the cause. If your dog has soy, wheat, or corn in their diet, it may be time to eliminate these grains to stop the carnivorious scratching.  Going grain free has been found to eliminate much of the dermatitis that can permanently damage a dogs sking if not corrected.  My friend has a dog who is allergic to peanuts.  One nut and the dog has a reaction that makes her want to tear her ears off, literally!

A great remedy: Iodine. A requirement for every pet household
Every pet owning household should contain at least one bottle of Iodine (preferably in a spray bottle).Dogs especially are always getting cuts, scrapes and often times chew themselves because of an itch until they have an open wound.

Treatment of a wound
“Mergy”, my Brittany Spaniel, opened up a wound about 7 inches long and 3 inches wide during the night. When I came down in the morning the floor was all bloody and poor “Mergy” looked like he had been in bad fight and lost. Into the tub he went.

Once I got him clean with soap and water I dried him and patted the wound with Iodine soaked paper towels. I put Iodine on his wound three times the first day twice the second and once the third. By the third day his wound was covered with scabs.

Besides keeping the wound from getting infected Iodine also damages the nerves in the skin, but only temporarily.. It takes about 30 days for them to regenerate but during this time the itching sensation subsides allowing the wound to heal . When the scab finally came off the hair had already grown back underneath and “Mergy” was back to his old self. That is the healing power of iodine.  We tell you this because, of course, we want your dogs and pets to live a happy healty life, just as we do our own!

David Wimberly

Owner-Purple Poodle Pet Center
Established 1999

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