Holistic, Grain Free Diet May Cure Your Dog’s Non-Stop Itching

By MoToMo from Manhattan, New York (Coned Dog  Uploaded by JohnnyMrNinja) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia CommonsIs your dog itching continuously?
Does your dog chew his/her feet constantly? In the middle of the night do you hear your dog scratching unable to get to sleep? Does your dog chew at the base of his/her tail? Feel like your dog needs to wear a cone like Truman is just to stop him from chewing his flesh? If the answer is yes to any or all of these questions chances are your pet may be one of the thousands suffering from an allergy to corn, soy or wheat. A more holistic pet food may be the cure.

Those three grains were the first to be used in commercial pet foods. They were chosen as fillers because they were an inexpensive way to add carbohydrates to the pet food. Since the advent of commercial pet foods around 1930 roughly ten generations of pets have come and gone.  The majority of those animals had nothing but corn, soy and wheat filled diets.

What is an allergy and how do they develop?
An allergic reaction is what happens when our body identifies a foreign invader. For this to happen the foreign body has to have been introduced before and been tagged by the body as a threat. The body’s immune system then goes into high gear, histamines are released causing increased neural activity(itching), swelling and mucus membranes are flooded. The body sometimes identifies some things that are not necessarily a threat but through repeated exposure mistakenly get identified as a threat and thus trigger an allergic reaction. Once identified as a threat the body never forgets.

While individual allergies are not genetically inherited, being prone to allergies can be passed along genetic lines. Now you can see why the dogs of 40 years ago may not have had the incidence of itching and scratching problems that the dogs of today have.   

How can I stop my dog from itching?
If you have had your dog on a diet that contains corn, soy or wheat switch to a dog food that does not contain these ingredients. Look at your treats also. Switching foods will not help if you keep giving then milk bones or the equivalent as a treat. Food from the table is not a bad thing as long as you stay away from giving your dog foods that contain corn, soy or wheat. Once you have your dog on a diet free of those items it will take approximately six weeks to clear all the allergens out of his/her body.

Will this work for all dogs?
Unfortunately no. Not all dogs are allergic to just those three things. If your dogs suffering seems to come and go during the year it might be an air born allergy. Some dogs suffer from contact allergies (pesticides, detergent, perfumes, etc.). For these dogs the only solution I have found are allergy testing and a regimen of shots. Temporary relief will come from oatmeal or tee tree baths or Benydril. Should your dog chew through its skin Iodine will keep the wound  from getting infected and at the same time will relieve the itching in that area. Apply it liberally twice a day until the wound is scabbed over. 

Since a change in diet can take a minimum of six weeks to see a change, give a holistic diet a try, as so many breeds of dogs have developed alergies to these three grains.  Purple Poodle Pet Center carries the finest and largget selection of holistic brands of foods for dogs. All of our dog food selections contain no soy, wheat, or corn, and we know your dogs will love them, because we feed our own dogs the brands we select.  We want you dogs to live a happy healty life, just as we do our own.

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